• WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it
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I got tagged by strangepillow!

Rule 1: Always post the rules
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1. Red wine or white wine?
Ah, I don’t really drink wine, so I don’t know

2. Name 3 books/movies that shaped your personality.
Book: His Dark Materials trilogy (aka my fave book ever)
TV: Nobuta wo Produce (aka my fave show ever)

3. Do you believe in love?
Yes :)

4. If you could go back in time, what would you change? (Would you change anything?)
I would. I’d definitely attend more gigs and festivals back in the UK.

5. What was your first OTP/fandom?
First OTP: Carl/Pete (el oh el)
First fandom: The Libertines

6. How did you find tumblr?
From Livejournal, everyone kinda abandoned their blogs and moved out to Tumblr gradually

7. What are 3 things you love about yourself?
- The one thing I love the most is the fact that I can play piano
- My fast metabolism 
- I’m good at fixing things! And tidying up! And assembling IKEA shelves and wardrobes!

8. If you had a chance to run away from your current life and start again somewhere else, would you take it?
Yep, I’m not really attached to anything at the moment

9. Star Wars or Star Trek?
I quite like both, but eeeh, probably Star Wars?

10. What is your weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse?
I know it doesn’t count as weapon, but I’m thinking jet pack. Or some kind of detachable wings?? Cuz hell no I wouldn’t wanna fight zombies, I’d just fly the fuck out

11. it’s not a question, it’s just a friendly reminder (or reminders). so just sit down and read it. okay? okay. you are beautiful, talented and smart. you are loved. you deserve all the happiness in the world. and I hope your day will be amazing x)
^^ That goes for everyone reading this ^^

Tagging first 11 people on my dash + anyone who wants to do this! My questions:

1. What was your first gig/concert?
2. Name something inappropriate that you always laugh at.
3. Fave quote from a movie? 
4. If you saw a kitten stuck in a tree, what would you do?
5. What do you collect? 
6. Do you prefer living in a small apartment right in the middle of a busy city or a quite life out in the country? 
7. How would you describe your OTP?
8. Have you ever met your online friend?
9. What is the coolest fact about the city you live in?
10. Join the X-Men or Avengers?
11. Fave font?

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"My whole thing is, I’m a rhythm player. I love picking holes into tunes. Riffs and rhythms – that’s what I’m good at. I look at Jimi Hendrix, and I just can’t get my head around that. He’s such a special guitar player. I could try all my life to play like that, and I’d never get there.

"You have to look at what you’re good at and what comes naturally. For me, it’s like I said, picking at the holes and making interesting rhythms. African rhythms and black rhythms – that’s where I sit. You know, I’ve always been able to find a pocket in that kind of playing. So, that’s where I’m at in terms of guitar."

— Serge Pizzorno, (x)
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Until recently I never had to use my power to know what you were thinking, Raven.

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"Queen of kings " by Nyree Mackenzie for Moustache magazine

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Photographer/ Creative Director: byNyree Mackenzie Nyree Photo
Model: Gisèle Pletzer
Stylist / Fashion Director: Tamzen Holland Fashion-Stylist

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cop: who the hell ordered all these pizzas

me: you said i got one phone call


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*sunlight hits your laptop screen*


every piece of dust in the world

it’s here

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Favourite bands… in no particular order: Muse (2/10)

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I love when you become so close with someone that you can see parts of each other in one another and you begin to say the same things and steal lines from one another and have a similar sense of humor and can exchange an inside joke with just a glance you don’t even have to talk because you have such a strong connection with them and you can sit in comfortable silence but also talk for hours it’s really hard to find that kind of compatibility

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